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This is where you should add a paragraph or two that introduces you and your services. Make sure that you use key phrases that people would use to search for you on Google. Remember to include your local town and county. People always search for services including the area they are looking for.

If you intend to use a slideshow on this page then prepare your own photos and resize them to a landscape format (circa 1200 pixels wide) at 72dpi. Then upload them via the gallery wizard and add them to the gallery called Demo Slideshow. Change the width & height of the slide show to match the size of your images in pixels (edit the size in the slideshow popit code you can see in the section above - in the editor).

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You should remove these demo photos from the slideshow (via the gallery wizard).

You can also remove this slideshow and add your own page content using the instant page template button, or create any page layout style you like.

If you need help in deciding what layout to use contact support